Moving over to Disqus

A quick post to say that I’ve just migrated my blog’s comments over to Disqus; the whole thing was a lot less painful than I imagined, and I wished I’d done it ages ago.

If you’ve been living in a cave for a while, you’ll not know that Disqus is an online discussion and commenting service for websites. It powers the comments systems for many popular blogs as well as CNN and The Daily Telegraph, so the only thing holding me back was the thought of problems.

I needed a couple of links to get what I needed:

The first was an idiot’s guide to the migration, whilst the second was a useful tip to get rid of those ads (that appear by default.)

Book Review – Instant .NET 4.5 Extension Methods How-to

Packt’s ‘Instant’ Series promises short, fast, focused guides delivering immediate results. But does their Instant .NET 4.5 Extension Method How-to incarnation deliver, or leave readers wanting more?

It is indeed a short book – 52 pages, and it’s 25% before the technical content starts.

.NET 4.5 Extension Methods How-to
.NET 4.5 Extension Methods How-to

After a brief general introduction, the book follows a code sample and explanation format. Each item is labelled with a difficulty grading, with ‘must know’, ‘should now’, and ‘become an expert’.

The ‘become an expert’ items go beyond the ‘syntactic sugar’ aspects of extension methods and demonstrate their usage in modern .NET design.

Whilst the book costs just over a fiver here in the UK, I felt that it was a little lacking. I spotted a grammatical and code formatting issue, and the format of code and explanation feels a little rushed. The more advanced areas would have ideally had more explanation as to how extension methods fit into the .NET ecosystem.

Another issue is that the book offers nothing over the wealth of articles freely available on the Internet.