Much of our work has been deployed to intranet networks, so isn’t available for public viewing.  That said, here are few links that go a small way to demonstrate some of our work.

Responsive Website Design

We built a single page website for Manchester based psychotherapist Charlotte Kelly in 2013.  The responsive design looks as fresh on mobile devices as it does on a large desktop screen, and details Charlotte’s work and practice.

The site was built using Sublime Text 3, HTML5, CSS3, SASS and Compass. We also did the Logo design and Photoshop work.


We’ve been using jQuery since version 1.2.6 back in 2008.

In 2009, we created a ‘popup keyboard’ plugin to support a client requirement, and we created a screencast to demonstrate our work.

In 2010, we created a screencast detailing how to perform ‘web-scraping’ using YQL, jQuery and JSONP.


We love the power and expressiveness of C#, and since moving to it from C++ in 2003, we’ve never looked back.

In 2013, we posted how to use the IDisposable interface to create a .NET stopwatch class.

In 2010, we created a screencast and post about custom debug visualizers in Visual Studio.

In 2008, we blogged about programmatic impersonation in C#.

In 2008, we created a C# ASP.NET (Web Forms) Gravatar control, as linked to from the Gravatar website.


In 2013, we blogged about our Orchard module to prevent indefinite caching of JS and CSS resources.

Adobe Flex

In 2010, we were given the task of implementing an intranet application in Adobe Flex.  Not to be intimidated with an unfamiliar technology, we helped to steer the project back within budget and meet its deadline.

We created an open source Flex Gravatar control using the platform, as linked to from the Gravatar website.