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Web scraping with YQL, jQuery and JSONP

Using screenr, I’ve just recorded a new sub-five minute screencast detailing a web scraping example using YQL, jQuery and JSONP.

In the video, I quickly introduce YQL‘s web scraping capability by returning a the contents of an HTML element on the JustGiving website. The data is obtained using jQuery’s getJSON method via JSONP for a cross-domain request. It’s short, but simple, and aims to give a brief example of what’s possible using YQL and jQuery.

Getting started with googletest – the Google C++ Testing Framework

So, I’ve just recorded a second screencast at screenr, this time about googletest – the Google C++ Testing Framework. I had a couple of issues getting things up and running so I thought it might be beneficial to show I got going.

I’ve been more used to unit testing in a C# environment, particularly NUnit and MS Unit, so googletest was a fresh look at unit testing for C++. Note that the screenr title is incorrect, it should read ‘Getting started with googletest – the Google C++ Testing Framework :)