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Getting hold of an iPhone4

iPhone4's Retina Display

I’ve had my first generation iPhone for over almost 3 years, so I felt I was due for an upgrade. When I read some of the speculative blog posts pointing towards a higher resolution camera and a better screen, I felt my upgrade would come with the fourth iteration of the iPhone. When I saw the keynote, I was taken aback. Steve Jobs may be a fine purveyor of hyperbole, but the iPhone4′s design and features were there to champion his cause. I had to get the iPhone4.

I’ve never queued for a product launch before, preferring instead to wait a while; avoid the launch-day craziness with its myriad fanboys and fangirls, and enter a shop at my convenience.

I had to get the iPhone4.

Queueing for the iPhone4

So – I headed into my local town centre, and prepared to queue for a product launch. I was expecting two or three people, but almost had to laugh when I saw some 20 or so standing in line. Clearly, this wasn’t going to be a quick wait, and my laughter belied a realisation that I might not get my hands on my phone due to limited units.

It’s curious, then, that the staff in the shop didn’t inform the awaiting masses if their wait would prove fruitless. They did so only when their stock had reduced to three units, with most of the people leaving after a long wait. I found it to be very inadequate that this wasn’t a consideration for them. People leaving the shop during the waiting period were too happy to speak.

I left the queue with a feeling of inevitability. There was, however, still some hope, though judging by the hush around the Vodafone shop, my hope was probably unfounded. In fact, I’d noticed that the Vodafone shop was quiet for the entire time that I stood outside the O2 shop. I was amazed when I was told that yes, they did have an iPhone, and that I could have it.

I opted not to get a PAC code, not to keep my number. I felt if I delayed, I’d be without what I’d set out to attain. The friendly assistant told me that they’d had only 5 iPhones in stock, and that I’d got the last one. I found this out when somebody further up the O2 queue came in and was told there were none left. Any guilt was tempered by a feeling of jubilation. No. There was no guilt.

Clearly, I’m not the only fan of the latest iteration, but there are already reports of reception problems. I can confirm that I’ve noticed a drop in the number of bars when I’ve actually held the phone. This isn’t acceptable, but I haven’t had any dropped calls so far. Although the problem can be resolved using ‘bumpers’ to isolate the phone from the user’s hand, these are an extra cost. Not an ideal situation, particularly when it’s been reported by so many users.

iPhone OS 4 hands-on

So, iPhone OS 4 was revealed by Steve Jobs yesterday, with arguably the biggest announcement being multi-tasking support. There’s lots more too; one thing I’m quite excited about is the ability to organise icons into folders. Tech website engadget installed the developer preview of the new OS version onto an iPhone. They give an overview of some of the new features in the video below.

Being an owner of a first generation iPhone excludes me from the update, but I’ll be looking to get my hands on the new hardware that’s rumoured to be released in June of 2010. Speculation mounts of new iteration’s features, and there continues to be growing momentum around a higher resolution screen, better spec camera (perhaps with flash?), and a front-mounted camera. I’m pretty excited about the next version, and think it’ll complement the new OS perfectly.

Logorama wins Best Animated Short Film at the 2010 Academy Awards

I first heard about Logorama when I visited David Airey’s great logo site, Logo Design Love. Lucky enough to watch a the entire film (see below), I was blown away by the animation and sheer number of logos, integrated into the story in an inventive and creative way.

I was happy to hear this morning that the film has won the Best Animated Short Film award at the 2010 Academy Awards!

3G iPhone first reaction


I was extremely excited about the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2008, and so headed off to for a live feed of Steve Jobs’ keynote.

After a rather slow build-up, the almost inevitable announcement from Jobs that the 3G iteration of the iPhone was made. And so, there must follow an end to the enormous amount of speculation in blogs and forums about the features of the second generation iPhone.

As I saw the updates on, I was pleased, but not particularly surprised to see the following features:

  • 3G speed. No great revelation – many of us Europeans saw the lack of 3G in first geneation as a serious drawback;
  • GPS. Once again, this is now becoming standard on high-end mobiles such as Nokia’s N95, so there was almost an expectation that this would feature.
  • App Store. I welcome the addition of an app store – extending the functionality of the device is most useful, and it’s an additional revenue stream for apple.
  • ‘iPhone in Enterprise’. Push e-mail and integration with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is a big plus for business users. Should Blackberry be worried?
  • Now available in white. No doubt there will be a pink version soon. I’ll stick with black, thanks.

The App Store interests me – particularly the iPhone version of Super Monkey Ball. The built-in accelerometer suits the game very well, and I look forward to playing some games on a mobile platform.

What struck me more than anything, and something that was lacking from much speculation was the price. Although it’s somewhat irksome, considering I paid over £200 for my phone, I was shocked at the price of the new iPhone. $199 for the 8Gb version, and $299 for the 16Gb version is quite amazing, but let’s wait a little to see what carriers charge for a contract, and how long the minimum contract term will be.

O2 website, 9 June 2008

Shortly after the announcement, Apple’s UK site was updated with the 3G iPhone details, and UK iPhone carrier O2‘s followed with a ‘come back tomorrow’ teaser.

Well, I reckon that the 8Gb price will be £129 in the UK with an 18 month or perhaps even a 24 month contract. How much an upgrade will cost is anybody’s guess, but hopefully, as the O2 website states, all will be revealed tomorrow.

So, much of the speculation was correct, and although the price point is certainly attactive, I’m surprised about the camera remaining at its current specs of 2 megapixel. Whilst I think that this is ok, it doesn’t deal with any kind of movement at all well, and the delay is not acceptable. Perhaps a flash would have been too large a drain on battery life; increasing the megapixels, but not including a flash would have been an even stranger position than doing nothing at all. Perhaps we’ll see that in the third generation, along with the pink colour scheme.