Fresh Click Media designs and develops high quality, bespoke websites and applications.

Founded by web developer and designer Shane Porter, a software developer with 15 years’ of industry experience, Fresh Click Media provides a variety of services. We’ve worked with various clients in a variety of industries – from small start-ups to large companies with a worldwide presence.

Our friendly and professional attitude, together with a passion for web and software development, enables us to deliver cutting-edge software and web solutions that are pleasing on the eye and a joy to use.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Website Design and Development. We have many years’ experience in creating enterprise scale websites using ASP.NET (C#), SQL Server and technologies including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and responsive web design.
  • Software Design and Architecture. We’ve taken a lead role on large scale, enterprise projects for a variety of clients.   We’ve worked in a myriad sectors including CAD, mobile entertainment, public transport, health and insurance. We like to think we can cope with anything that’s thrown at us.
  • Code Reviews, Mentoring and Consultancy. We’ve helped others learn emerging technologies, work more efficiently and be more resistant to changing requirements.
  • CMS Development. We’ve had our hand in CMS Development including Sitecore and Orchard.
  • E-commerce. Custom e-commerce module development and integration with WorldPay and Barclays ePDQ.

Our clients

  • NHS
  • Thales
  • BMT
  • Bupa
  • Datel
  • Capita
  • Dealcloud
  • Manheim

Technical Overview

Our work is mainly, though not limited to a Microsoft stack of technologies, including C#, .NET, ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC), Entity Framework, WCF and IIS.  We’ve been involved with .NET since 2003, and we love it!

We’re happy developing server and front-end web solutions and have used jQuery and Knockout.  We combine this with CSS to create intuitive user interfaces that are a joy to use on both desktop and mobile platforms.  And we love using vanilla JavaScript too.

On the server side, we write clean, structured code that is easy to maintain and extend, paying homage to design patterns, interface based design and TDD throughout our C# development.

We’re lucky to do a job we love, and the fusion of problem-solving and creation of beautiful code drives us forwards with the ever evolving web.