Google Chrome for iOS arrives

Mobile Safari has served my iPhone web browsing needs admirably since 2008, but I was probably waiting for Google’s Chrome browser, though I didn’t really know it.

Though I still favour Firefox as my browser of choice whilst doing web development and design, I switched to Chrome for general desktop browsing. With the arrival of Chrome on iOS, I have made a similar switch to Google’s browser.

What’s more, I’m sticking with it; the killer feature for me is the persistence of tabs across devices. Being able to open the chrome on my laptop, and then be presented with the same tabs on my iDevice is a great addition. Together with this, the browser seems very fast, and has a great UI.

A detailed review of Chrome is available at, but trust me – install it, it’s free, and you may find yourself leaving Safari for dust.

That’s why, for the first time ever since 2008, I’ve changed the Apps in my dock from this:

to this: