Web scraping with YQL, jQuery and JSONP

Using screenr, I’ve just recorded a new sub-five minute screencast detailing a web scraping example using YQL, jQuery and JSONP.

In the video, I quickly introduce YQL‘s web scraping capability by returning a the contents of an HTML element on the JustGiving website. The data is obtained using jQuery’s getJSON method via JSONP for a cross-domain request. It’s short, but simple, and aims to give a brief example of what’s possible using YQL and jQuery.

WordPress 2.7 Cookbook – Book Review

WordPress 2.7 Cookbook

Packt Publishing’s WordPress 2.7 Cookbook has been out for while now, but I still thought I’d pick up a copy and give it the once-over. Rather than being a reference guide, Jean-Baptiste Jung‘s book is very much like his very own WpRecipes.com website.

The book is organised into 11 Chapters:

  1. Getting Ready to Cook with WordPress
  2. Finding and Installing Themes
  3. Get the most out of your WordPress Theme
  4. Doing anything with Plugins and Widgets
  5. Displaying Posts
  6. Managing and Enhancing Multi-Author Blogs
  7. Securing your WordPress Blog
  8. SEO Tips and Tricks to Get More Visits
  9. Making Money with WordPress
  10. Enhancing User Experience
  11. Make your Blog stand out

Some of the recipes include integrating twitter on your theme using the Twitter Tools plugin, accessing post data outside the WordPress loop and securing your plugins directory. The recipes are generally between 1 and 4 pages in length, and there is lots of useful information in the book’s 280 or so pages of content, but it’s just the sort of thing that’s freely available on the WpRecipes.com website and other popular sites such as Smashing Magazine.

If you are after a large collection of recipes in a single package, this is the book for you, but if you’re happy reading WordPress blogs about WordPress such as WpRecipes.com website, you may feel a little short-changed.

Logorama wins Best Animated Short Film at the 2010 Academy Awards

I first heard about Logorama when I visited David Airey’s great logo site, Logo Design Love. Lucky enough to watch a the entire film (see below), I was blown away by the animation and sheer number of logos, integrated into the story in an inventive and creative way.

I was happy to hear this morning that the film has won the Best Animated Short Film award at the 2010 Academy Awards!

Digging into WordPress – version 2.0 released

If you haven’t read my review of Digging into WordPress, you may not know that I think it’s currently the best WordPress book available.

One thing I didn’t mention in the review is that when you buy it, you’re entitled to free PDF updates for life. Perhaps I left out this because I thought it would amount to the odd grammar correction and so on. Worthwhile, but not that exciting. How wrong I was, because as co-author Chris Coyier announces on the Digging into WordPress site, version 2.0 has been released and it promises an extra chapter dedicated to WordPress 2.9, as well as one called ‘Bonus Tricks’, which focuses on ‘some cool new tricks for your themes’. Included with the download are six WordPress themes too! I’ve only skimmed through the new pages, but the high quality writing and content is preserved.

If you haven’t already grabbed yourself a copy, you should do yourself a favour and buy it!