jQuery Popup Keyboard Screencast

Hey everyone – I’ve just recorded my first ever screencast over at I talk about a jQuery popup keyboard plugin that I wrote a while back.

If you haven’t already checked out screenr, be sure to head over and check it out – it’s a fantastic way to record screencasts up to 5 minutes in length and requires no extra software or faffing about. Recording a screencast is definitely a skill in itself, and since this is my first, I hope you’ll excuse the odd ‘um’ and ‘ah’, but I hope I get the general message across. Five minutes seems like a generous amount of time, but it really does go quickly when you’re recording!

Some points that I didn’t have time to go into on the screencast:

  1. The plugin was initially developed with jQuery 1.2.6 (the most up to date version at the time), but having tested with jQuery 1.3.2 (that latest version as I write this), everything seems fine.
  2. The plugin has been tested in IE7, Firefox and Safari – everything seems to work well.
  3. I haven’t tested the plugin in IE6; I suspect there may be issues with select items and the popup keyboard.

You can download a copy of the screencast project (ZIP file, 8k) shown to have a look in greater detail.