Email help for Recruitment Consultants

Having registered with various job boards and spoken to various recruitment consultants in the past, it’s no surprise that I get a few ‘job’ emails from time to time.

The vast majority of these emails are essentially spam. Despite me entering details about preferred location, experience and daily rate requirements on job websites, I often get mails that are for the wrong end of the country, junior jobs and low rates.

I just got a mail from a recruiter that contained the following text:

Dear Shane


PUT PARAGRAPH TWO HERE (Or delete if unneccessary)

Put PARAGRAPH THREE HERE (Or delete if unneccessary)

{Name of person removed}
Microsoft .net Consultant
{Name of agency removed}

I didn’t feel the urge to deal with somebody who needed reminding that an email can be separated into separate paragraphs, and that if it contained less than 3 paragraphs, the unneccessary (sic) paragraph helper text should be removed.

Unbelievable. Still, at least they got my name right.