October web round-up

October Web Roundup

It’s been a busy old month, and with so much time working, I’m going to share some of the things that have interested me during October.

Windows 7 Desktop Improvements

With hardware compatability issues and a reluctance from users and computer manufacturers to adopt it, Vista hasn’t perhaps been the success that Microsoft had hoped. The next version of Windows gets a preview over at channel9. There’s quite a lot of verbal fluff at the beginning, but forward through and you’ll get an idea of some of the features that’ll be present in the next version.


Many of the great frameworks, such as CodeIgniter and Ruby on Rails use a MVC architecture, and it’s a concept that many web developers are familiar with. Maybe not so developers who have exclusively used ASP.NET for their development. Since the introduction of Visual Web Developer Express, developing has become very attractive for hobby developers wishing to get to grips with ASP.NET. I think the development of ASP.NET MVC will encourage those familiar with the pattern to give it a go. Scott Guthrie describes the beta release on his blog.

Microsoft to ship jQuery with future versions of Visual Studio

I’ve been using jQuery alongside ASP.NET for several months now, and find it to be an excellent JavaScript library. I was quite shocked that Microsoft will be distributing it with future versions of Visual Studio (including express versions), providing support for it, and providing intellisense support for it. Good on ‘em!

Google releases Google Earth for iPhone/iPod Touch

I’d definitely recommend a download of free app Google Earth – well worth taking a look.

For more information, head over to the Google Earth on the iPhone page.

Google Android Phone

Following the launch of Chrome , Google is pressing ahead with Mobile Device Platform Android. Now the first handset, the T-Mobile G1 has hit the market. It’s certainly no looker, but Google is a company that has the expertise to change the mobile market, and I’ll be keeping an eye on things, that’s for sure. For now though, I’ll keep my iPhone.

No opera for iPhone

Well well, a version of Opera has been developed for the iPhone, but Apple has refused to add it to their App Store, stating that it is too similar to Safari. So, I won’t be holding my breath for a version of Firefox, either. John Gruber offers his opinion over at Daring Fireball.