Fun with fractals in Paint.NET

Mandelbrot Fractal generated with Paint.NET

I had an 80s flashback today as I fired up image editing freebie Paint.NET and accidentally discovered the Mandelbrot Fractal render effect. It took me back to the days of waiting for each row of pixels to be generated on my Atari ST. I began to experiment with a few images.

To invoke the effect, you just need to select the “Mandelbrot Fractal” from the Render effects menu item.

Selecting the effect from the Paint.NET menu

So, let’s take this image:

First image before effect

Applying the effect gives us:

First image after effect has been applied

And to a second image:

Second image before effect

gives us:

Second image after effect has been applied

There a number of effect options such as zoom factor, quality and angle, but I thought it was quite fun that some images of my youth could be reproduced very easily with a variety of source images.