I hate being right. Sometimes.

With an inevitability almost matching that of a self-service checkout announcing ‘unexpected item in bagging area’, there has been an iPhone price-cut in the UK. Whilst my post about iPhone predictions wasn’t the greatest prediction of all time, a price-cut is almost equally unwelcome.

The Times Online article also describes a much larger price reduction of £237 (75%) in Germany. I take little comfort from the knowledge that there must be many thousands of disgruntled iPhone-owning Germans.

The reduction of £100 to £169 for the 8Gb version is a ‘limited’ offer that runs until June 1, but I suspect that alongside the low stocks and zero-replenishment of iPhones, that a new 3G version is on the cards. Industry speculation continues to put a release date as early as June or July of this year.

I have also seen various reports that there will a refund of £100 for customers who’ve bought their 8Gb iPhone in the last 30 days. This pleased me – I had bought mine in that period, so I was covered. However, having gone into a local O2 shop, I was shown an e-mail received by an employee that detailed the refund period as only 14 days. So – I’m confused as to whether I will get any kind of refund. An O2 forum post is positive, but I’ll have to give them a call and find out.

Technological advance is both exciting and risky – buying the latest kit will incur a financial penalty, but price-cuts are a certainty as new product-lines are released. I’m happy with my iPhone, and although I’ve got an 18-month contract, I look forward to the next iteration.

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