Happy birthday to the BBC Website

I’m reminded again today of how quickly time has passed with this story on the BBC Website.  I find it incredible that it’s 10 years since I first visited their site, a time when I was at university, studying computer science.

The corporation’s site has moved in tandem with the evolution of the web, and the nostalgia of it’s development over this time is surpassed by the excitement of where it will go in future.   It may lack some web standards compliance, but to fault it on this area would be missing the point – it is the quality of the writing, alongside the diversity and amount of articles, that makes it the choice of millions of people around the world.

Here’s to another 10 years BBC.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to the BBC Website”

  1. BBC Sport is a cracking source of information, Shane, and the BBC search engine is of course renowned. Paying for this via a tax on tellies, though, is very undesirable, since it is regressive (i.e. it hurts the poor more than the rich, seeing single parents hauled into court), encourages repressive intrusion (those gestapo-style ‘detector vans’) and is a thorough waste of everyone’s time. Fund the Beeb centrally, says I!

  2. Ha – I actually believed those ‘detector vans’ existed.

    The BBC’s funding is a contentious issue, but whilst some of its television programmes have been criticised of late, its website is a triumph, and something I think we should be proud of.

    Many people who don’t pay for the telly tax are getting much of the content for free, but I guess the same could be said of the World Service.

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